International calling

International Calling

Our plans free international calling to 60+ countries and deep discounted rates to all other countries.
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Why BOSS Wireless?

Nationwide coverage
Extensive 5G and Nationwide 4G LTE Coverage
International calling
FREE calls to 60+ countries, plus discounts on an additional 75+ BOSS Revolution rates
Plans starting as low as $10
Unlimited talk and text are included, no additional taxes, fees, contracts or credit checks

What is international calling?

Calling on a foreign number
Calling abroad is used when calling a foreign number. You can call, send messages or MMS on international numbers without setting anything. All you need to do is dial a desired number with international code (for example with +33 for France and +49 for Germany).
What if I need to call from abroad?
For calling from abroad (from different country mobile operator) we have WIFI calls

Save up to 90% on your international calls with BOSS Revolution App

Distance shouldn’t mean disconnected. At BOSS Revolution, it’s our mission to help you stay in touch despite the miles. Make international calls, send texts, and connect with some of the best rates for calling overseas.
With service available via Wi-Fi and offline to keep you connected no matter your circumstances, our unique app is ready to deliver on its promise of reliability, low cost, and a better connection. So whether you’re trying to call a family member, set up a business meeting, or connect with a long-lost friend, we’re here to help.
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Still have questions?

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How do I make a call?

With BOSS Wireless, you can dial directly from your phone. See Rates for more details.

When making international calls dial + or 011, then the country code and phone number.

What are the rates for international calls?

BOSS Wireless offers international calling plans in addition to the regular rates. See information about our current international rates and plans.